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About The Cake Escape

The Safer Greener Healthier Vision

Our Safer Greener Healthier vision aims to promote and enable greener travel for the people of Essex. We strive to make walking, cycling, e-scooting, along with hopping on the bus or train, an easy and enjoyable option, especially for shorter journeys.

The Cake Escape is an integral part of our Safer Greener Healthier initiative - aimed at inspiring the county to embrace cycling, riding your bike for leisure, or getting on your bike to keep fit. This scheme also encourages you to try cycling as a family, plus you get free cake at the end!

About The Cake Escape

Cafés throughout Essex have signed up to be part of a new and exciting project to encourage cycling around the county.

The challenge is simple. Participants apply online for a loyalty card, cycle to any of the Cycle Cafés signed up to the project and earn a reward stamp at the till after making a purchase. Each time a cyclist collects four stamps in the loyalty card, they will receive a free slice of cake at the next participating café they visit.

The Cake Escape hopes to encourage Essex residents to experience the best of local café culture, combined with a little exercise and exploration of the countryside.

Boost your body and mind.

Cycling isn't just a fun activity; it's a powerful way to enhance your overall well-being. From improved physical fitness and weight management to reduced stress and improved brain function, cycling offers a wide range of benefits. It's an eco-friendly and social activity that helps you stay healthy and happy. So, get on your bike and experience the revitalising energy from cycling!